About Us

Happy Hour Cup Co was established by Southern Highlands (NSW) resident and founder Kim Smith.


Choice & Sustainability


During a visit abroad I was gifted with a similar product that provided me a drinking experience full of choice... I was hooked!


Upon my return to Australia I had many comments regarding the product that I was using which prompted me to research the availability in Australia with regard to our choice of stylish, fashionable sustainable, everyday drinkware options. We were limited!


As a busy working mother who has worked in the Health, Safety and Environmental industry for over 17 years it did not sit well with me, the effect that my basic choice to drink coffee each day was having on our environment. I was purchasing 3-5 throw away cups each day... I made a choice..!



It didn't take long to realise that by using my product I could create a community of people willing to make change and still have choice.


So by using a Happy Hour Cup Co product, you have a choice! A choice of colour, shape, and style in which you drink from. You can personalise your product with your favorite saying, or caption, your name or favorite sports team.

  • You have a choice to reduce the amount of money you spend each day because our products keep your beverages hot or cold for hours,
  • You have a choice to reduce waste and environmental impact because our products are reusable
  • You have a choice to allow yourself the luxury to accessorise your drinking experience, as you watch heads turn because you are making a modern day fashion statement

So it doesn't matter whether your beverage of choice is a glass of bubbly, or that cup of hot tea and coffee, or just that well needed cup of water you chose to enjoy it in style.